Ferrari’s first-ever SUV rendering exposure: priced at $3 million

Further news has emerged about Ferrari’s first-ever SUV. Recently,media exposed a group of Ferrari’s first SUV rendering. Earlier news that the car named Purosangue, Chinese to be purebred horse, is expected to be on the market in 2021, its price will also remain at around 3 million yuan.

From the rendering of this exposure, the new car uses a family-style design language, the car side shape is relatively low, the rear with the current popular through the lamp set and four out exhaust layout. The interior seat layout may be provided with a 2- and 4-seat layout.

It is reported that Purosangue Purosangue will be produced on the improved front modular platform, the engine is located behind the front axle, the dual clutch transmission is placed in the rear axle section, the layout can provide a better weight distribution. In addition, the platform is compatible with V6, V8 and V12 engines.

Officially only, it has been revealed that Purosangue will offer fuel and hybrid models, but Ferrari’s engineers do not want to combine the V12 engine with the battery, which will further increase body weight. As a result, hybrid models may use engines with smaller displacements.

Although in previous years Ferrari has said that it will not consider the introduction of SUV models, but for the market it has to change. Because Lamborghini Urus’ performance is so attractive, and with the exception of McLaren, which is currently in the running brand, is planning to launch An SUV, Ferrari wants a slice of the market.

Ferrari's first-ever SUV rendering exposure: priced at $3 million

Ferrari's first-ever SUV rendering exposure: priced at $3 million

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