PassMark statistics find AMD processor user share has reached 40%

Is there anything else to stop AMD’s strong headwinds in the x86 market? Benchmark software PassMark, based on statistics from test users, found that the proportion of AMD processors using AMD reached a 10-year high of 40 percent. From the chart, AMD’s market share has been increasing since the first Zen architecture was announced in 2016 to the launch of the first generation of Ryzen in 2017, even after the launch of the 7nm Zen2 product.

For A Fan, the glory of being almost level with Intel 14 years ago is almost reprising. At the time, AMD was relying on the K7/K8 architecture, the Athlon 64-bit dual-core processor, and Intel’s “kill.”

PassMark statistics find AMD processor user share has reached 40%

Of course, because of statistical caliber limitations, Passmark’s data is also one-sided, such as the measure of only Windows PC users who submit Passmark line processor test scores worldwide.

However, in South Korea, Germany, the United States and Asia and other markets, AMD Ryzen’s sales results do have an advantage over Intel. Considering that in the first half of the year, AMD will also launch the 7nm APU “RenaultA”, Intel will bring 10 generations of Core desktop CPU, deer dead who is still unknown.

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