Apple signs new license agreement with former partner Imagination

Uk-based Imagination Technologies has just announced a new licensing deal with Apple on its website. The latter will be used for a wider range of IP use, while paying a multi-year licensing fee. The statement did not mention what intellectual property was covered in the agreement, but said it was a multi-year, multipurpose license agreement renewed by both parties since February 6, 2014.

Apple signs new license agreement with former partner Imagination

(Instagram via Apple Insider)

Under the agreement, Imagination will be able to grant Apple the right to use the IP in exchange for the appropriate licensing fee. Previously, the two companies have worked together in GPU design (PowerVR).

In 2017, Apple introduced its own GPU design to the A11 Bionic chip of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X-Series smartphones.

However, on some models of iPad, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple TV 4K, you’ll still see the SoC that integrates the Imagination Power VR GPU.

In April 2017, Imagination announced that Apple plans to stop using the company’s IP in its hardware designs by 2019.

Given that Imagination relies heavily on the iPhone maker’s licensing revenue , which is about $81 million in fiscal 2017, the impact of this break-up is far-reaching.

Shortly thereafter, Imagination entered into a “dispute resolution process” alleging that Apple “used Imagination’s confidential information and intellectual property without authorization.” Apple, however, argues that it stopped accepting Imagination’s new IP in 2015.

In June 2017, the chipmaker went on sale in search of a buyer, eventually being picked up by Canon Bridge, a Chinese-backed company.

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