Bilibili and QQ music to reach in-depth strategic cooperation to support high-quality musicians

On the afternoon of January 2, Bilibili announced a deep strategic cooperation with QQ Music, and the two sides said they would open a two-platform through train model for musicians in terms of music support, high-quality music promotion and resource sharing, and jointly support high-quality musicians and music works.

B station and QQ music to reach in-depth strategic cooperation to support high-quality musicians

According to reports, this cooperation will first open the two platforms of high-quality music content creator resources, fully open the music people’s certification and residency, and give the dual platform resourcesupport. On this basis, Bilibili will also co-organize a series of joint online activities with QQ Music, for the creators to create a number of MV, and invite well-known musicians to re-compose works, the production of albums. Among them, the first music creation online campaign “Cheers Program” will be launched on January 6 on the dual platform.

In addition, the two sides will also open a number of off-line exchanges and concerts in the future, to provide musicians with more professional training and offline performance opportunities.

Data show that the current Bilibili music creators size of more than 500,000 people, the birth of original and home-made music works in more than 1000 pieces per month. In terms of community interaction, the total number of video interactions in the Bilibili music area has exceeded 2.2 billion, with a total of more than 320 million screens.

Regarding the partnership, Bilibili Vice Chairman and COO Li Said: “Bilibili is home to a large number of talented music creators, as well as music lovers who are passionate about secondary creations. Their collision and interaction have inspired more and more high-quality music works to be born. QQ Music as the leading digital music platform in China, in the music copyright operation, record distribution, as well as the support and promotion of musicians, has accumulated rich and mature experience. We look forward to the joint efforts of both sides, can continue to help the growth of outstanding musicians, and so that more music lovers benefit from it. “

Hou Deyang, vice president of Tencent Music and Entertainment Group, said he believed that more high-quality music content would be born, so as to achieve a benign closed loop of ‘good content, well-received and re-creation’ and further promote industrial development.

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