Players play “Ark: Survival Evolved” 17,000 hours with poor reviews

The game on the Steam platform has a good/bad rating function, and then opened the “bad review bomb” reminder, as well as comment hours record, to avoid some useless or malicious poor reviews, but if there are players playing thousands or even tens of thousands of hours to travel reviews, then the game should be improved? Recently, “ARK: Survival Evolved” a player played 8500 hours to the business review, and then played 9166 hours, this matter caused the attention and discussion of netizens.

The player who played more than 17,000 hours, he left a poor review after playing 8,500 hours, criticizing the authorities for not caring about older players, shutting down or transferring smaller servers to cater to the opening of new servers and release more fee-paying props. He also criticized the authorities for letting those troubled players do not handle at all, resulting in a large number of players lost. The optimization and connection of ARK: Survival Evolved is also unbearable.

Vör, who has Crohn’s disease and can be very painful when it strikes, needs to play games to distract himself, so he played Ark: Survival Evolved for so long. He also met the malicious players who knew his experience, running to mock the malicious players who attacked him, and the authorities did not punish them, and continued to open new servers and shut down old servers, which also cost him many friends. Now he wants officials to improve the game environment, not just feeding dinosaurs or helping new players, and says: “No body is playing this game, it’s not worth your time.” ”

The matter has also sparked discussion in domestic and foreign forums, players discussed the so-called poor evaluation of how to present? Steam filters low-hours players and poor-rated bombs to understand, but if it’s a high-hours player bad rating, is there priority? Those who have played thousands or even tens of thousands of hours of players to give poor reviews, is the game itself there are many problems? Should officials consider their ideas and take real responsibility?

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