Samsung joins forces with 8K Association to launch certification program

Samsung Electronics today announced that it has partnered with the 8K Association (8K Association, 8KA) to launch the first certification program in the 8K field, which aims to identify related devices, including 8K TVs. Samsung QLED 8K TV will be one of the first TV products to receive 8K Association certification next year, and this partnership marks another milestone in the development of Samsung’s QLED 8K technology, which will also receive a new certification logo.

Samsung joins forces with 8K Association to launch certification program

“As one of the founding members of the 8K Association, we are very proud that our new products for our QLED 8K TV line have been certified for this program,” said Hyogun Lee, Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronic Imaging Display Division. Our goal is to make it easy for consumers to recognize high-quality 8K display products across a variety of devices when making a purchase decision. For many consumers who buy our products, home entertainment and television are not a small amount of spending, and we hope that the 8K Association Certification Logo will guide them. “

A TV must have four times the pixels of a standard 4K TV to participate in the 8K Association Certification Program (8KA Certification Program) for performance such as clarity, contrast, and color and high dynamic range (HDR). Detection indicators include: display resolution of 7680×4320, peak brightness of more than 600 nits, HDMI2.1 image transmission, and efficient video codec (HVEC).

After passing the 8K Association’s certification, member companies such as Samsung Electronics can promote 8K-certified TV products. The 8K Association also plans to increase educational planning for a number of different industries this year to promote membership, innovation and content development within the 8K ecosystem.

In addition to cross-industry expansion, the 8K Association plans to use a variety of presentations to help the 8K industry spread and demonstrate advanced technological progress in 8K products, production processes, delivery options and display equipment. These projects and initiatives will showcase 8K content, ecosystems, and criteria for how to relate to the average consumer.

The 8K Association expects that, similar to the 4K standard adoption process and the consumer buying cycle in previous years, the 8K household penetration rate will increase as the 8K standard is used to create and publish more content. To date, companies and organizations that are partners in this certification program have joined the 8K Association, which has expanded the membership of the Association to more than 22.

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