Samsung Fab horror three minutes: memory, flash preliminary judgment little impact

Two days ago, Samsung’s Huacheng Industrial Park in South Korea, several fabs suffered a power outage, after the power failure was only 3 minutes, but has affected Samsung’s memory, flash memory and logic chip contract business. As soon as the news came out, the global industry became a hot spot, because the Samsung accident has the potential to affect the global memory, flash memory industry trends.

Samsung Fab horror three minutes: memory, flash preliminary judgment little impact

There is no full official report of the accident, which usually takes a little time, so much speculation is being made about the market changes caused by the fab outage, and the central issue is to determine which products were affected by the three-minute outage.

As recently as possible, the outage was only three minutes long, because Samsung’s UPS backup power supply was working and the shutdown was to check for damage to the equipment.

Of the samsung’s three major product lines involved, the flash factory is Line 12, which produces 2D NAND flash memory and does not affect mainstream 3D NAND flash memory, so it will not have much impact on the current mainstream flash memory supply.

In terms of memory plants, the Line 13 production line is affected, but only (relatively) behind the 20nm process, Samsung’s focus over the past two years has shifted to the 1X, 1Ynm and the latest 1Znm process, the 20nm process has a smaller memory share.

As for Samsung’s LSI logic chip, the power outage mainly affects CMOS image sensors, and the mainstream mobile chips have no effect.

Overall, the power outage time is very short, the shutdown is mainly routine inspection, simply because the loss caused by the power outage is not large, before Samsung insiders said that the impact of millions of dollars, relatively small.

Of course, the direct loss of accidents is one thing, memory, flash memory and other markets whether there is anyone in the wind and move is another, the follow-up is still worth watching.

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