Tesla’s New Year’s Greetings Copy Goes Hot: One-Word Pun scoffs Petrol Cars

On January 1st, Tesla’s official public number released an article, “2020, you….” The article has only one sentence, “2020, you refuel.” “But the puns make people laugh.”

Tesla's New Year's Greetings Copy Goes Hot: One-Word Pun scoffs Petrol Cars

If the object of this sentence as ordinary consumers, then it is a simple New Year’s greetings.

But if the object of this sentence is a friend’s gasoline car, then this is a naked taunt, both sneering gasoline car and Tesla has a gap, but also need to refuel efforts to catch up, but also to meet the gasoline car also need to refuel the theme, ridiculed that they still need to refuel to exercise.

This subtle pun caused a heated discussion among netizens, but many netizens did not agree with Tesla’s view at the same time that the copy was liked.

There are netizens sarcastically said: “Trams, go to the northeast to play.” “

There are netizens said: “Meaning you refuel, I lie down.” “

There are also netizens think that the electric car charging speed is not comparable to refueling: “Wait until you can do 1 minute full of the entire car’s electricity and then taunt the net disk plus car.” “

In addition, there are netizens who say batteries are more polluting the environment than gasoline: “One word puns… So batteries are no more polluting the environment than exhaust gas? “

In general, Tesla in the electrification, intelligence and self-driving technology than gasoline cars have a huge advantage, but with the user’s immediate concernabout of battery life, charging speed, price and so on can not be comparable with gasoline cars, so the mouth addiction can pass, but the new year, whether electric cars or gasoline cars have to be good refueling ah.

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