(Pictured) Xbox Series X Details: NVMe SSD will enhance the gaming experience as virtual memory

Citingmedia Wccftech, the Xbox Series X console will integrate some NVMe SSDs as “virtual memory” to provide a smoother gaming experience,media Wccftech reported. In fact, the message came from An interview with Xbox helmer Phil Spencer at the E3 game show last July, but it was only after the net-tinged online news that it was brought back to the attention of themedia.

(Pictured) Xbox Series X Details: NVMe SSD will enhance the gaming experience as virtual memory

In an interview with PC Games Hardware, Phil Spencer said

Thanks to their transfer speed, developers have been able to use SSDs as virtual memory. In the current game console, SSD access speed is very close to memory access speed. Of course, the system must allow developers to gain access to the pure storage media portion. That way, we’ll immediately see a rapid increase in address space, which is equivalent to win16 to Win32, or even Win64.

Of course, sSDs run a little slower than GDDR6 memory. But providing data directly to the CPU and GPU through SSD seddies the game world richer and more seamless. The benefits are not only in the time the game loads, but also in the rendering of the game. Graphic designers no longer have to worry about when GDDR6 ends and when SSD sits will start.

I very much agree with Mark Cerny and his team at Sony for the PlayStation 5 SSD, which enables the ability to do so. Together, we’ll make sure that we have a larger foundation for installation, and that developers can master and leverage the hardware performance as much as possible. I don’t have a PS5 development kit on hand, not even on my Minecraft team. However, it will be exciting to see how the industry will benefit from the combined use of such solutions.

For PC players, this may also make a big difference. So will future SSD SSDs be part of the game’s requirements? Although it is too early to say, we will look at this technology. Crytek thinks the technology could change the next generation of gaming hardware.

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