Bosch believes its new lidar system will be a breakthrough for self-driving cars

Bosch, the German supplier responsible for making so many auto-related parts, will not be excluded from the driverless car discussions,media CNET reported. Instead, the company wants to help shape the conversation. On Thursday, the company revealed the first batch of information about the new lidar system. It can be said that the laser-based lidar tool Lidar is the most popular tool for self-driving cars, can give self-driving cars “line of sight”.

Bosch believes its new lidar system will be a breakthrough for self-driving cars

Bosch says its lidar system is advanced enough to be used in highway and urban driving scenes. Most importantly, it will work with cameras and radars as the German company wants to create the highest level of safety in self-driving cars. According to Bosch, lidar fills the “sensor gap”.

The company will release more details about the system at CES 2020, promising that it can detect anything near or far away – even stones on the road. Giving the car enough time to calculate what it needs to do, whether it’s braking, steering or whatever, is essential, and power eddarto provides it with an opportunity.

Although we don’t have a picture of the system, Bosch is further committed to integrating well with automakers and improving efficiency. Today, lidar is bulky because it is located on the roof. Bosch said it would be the first system “for automotive use”, although many other companies may be sceptical.

With less than a week to go until the opening of CES, we’ll learn more about Bosch’s latest products.

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