Huawei’s first smart unmanned store open

On the first day of 2020, a Huawei-authorized smart unsold store officially opened in Wuhan. It is understood that this unsold shop is located in Guanggu New Development International Center, shaped like a ring of flying saucer cabin. The neatly listed items can be seen through the transparent bulkhead.

What medicine does Huawei's first smart unsold store open in Hulu?

This unsold shop is not so much a shop as a large vending machine. Because it’s closed, consumers can neither touch the goods nor experience it before they buy. Picking and shipping goods is done entirely by a robotic arm. Through transparent glass, consumers can see the shop a large two small intelligent robotic arm work, large robotic arm grab display box transported to the operator’s table, small robot arm grab goods into the shipping port, accurate and rapid response, full of science and technology.

What medicine does Huawei's first smart unsold store open in Hulu?

It is understood that the unsold shop will be 7×24 hours open, users can choose to order on-site goods or on-site purchase way to buy Huawei mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart wear and other products.

Huawei officials said that the core strategy of Huawei’s consumer business has always been to provide intelligent life solutions around the whole scene of intelligent living experience, and around the entire scene of consumer food and clothing. It has become the consensus of the retail industry to realize the innovation of business model with new ICT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. “Retail is undergoing an intelligent transformation, and new technology will accelerate the digital transformation of retailing. ”

From the unsold store display of goods, mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart wear and other products are standard, with closed unsold stores to sell, although there is a certain lack of experience problems but the overall problem is not big.

However, the existence of unmanned stores or unmanned vending machines is mainly to solve the problem of being closer to consumers and meeting their immediate needs. Mobile phones, computers and other digital products certainly do not belong to the scope of immediate demand, the location of the unsold shop is also obviously not closer to consumers. As an ordinary consumer, the more likely choice is to buy couriers directly on the e-commerce website to home, or to the offline store experience before buying.

From this point of view, this unmanned shop is not so much a shop as a brand display cabinet with purchasing functions.

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