Ghosn escaped Musk’s meaningful picture.

From the start of 2020, there was a blockbuster “play”: Carlos Ghosn, nissan’s former CEO, managed to “escape” in Japan and flee back to Lebanon. As for how he did it or a fan, some media said Ghosn had cheated the police by hiding in a cello box. Tesla CEO Max, on the other hand, has his own guesses.

Ghosn escaped Musk's meaningful picture.

Screenshot of Musk’s tweet

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, tweeted two tweets on social media Monday, the first of which read: “Carlos Gone.” There are unknown netizens think he mispronounced: “All the cars are gone?” (Cars all gone? And the netizen asked: “Who is Carlos?” “

Ghosn escaped Musk's meaningful picture.

Screenshot of Musk’s tweet

Musk then tweeted: “No one doubts his disguise” and accompanied a photo of a giant Japanese plush teddy bear, The La La Bear.

Russia Today said it was clear that Musk had been watching the incident closely. Some netizens replied that you were suggesting that Carlos had fled disguised as a teddy bear. Another netizen commented: Is it trying to be humorous again?

More netizens are happy to pick up the terrier: my God! Carlos is a thief? With a double passport, to sneak into the animated world of Hello Kitty?

Various accounts have emerged about how Mr. Ghosn managed to escape Japan. Among other things, Lebanese media reported that at the end of December 2019, a performance band entered Ghosn’s mansion in Tokyo. After the show, Ghosn hid in one of the long-tailored cello boxes and escaped with members of the special forces posing as the band’s players.

Othermedia reported that Ghosn used a fake passport to trick Japanese customs officers into a long-prepared private jet to Istanbul and finally to Lebanon. Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on the 31st, Ghosn legally entered Lebanon, but did not know the details of his departure from Japan and his arrival in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Mr. Ghosn, a former CEO of Nissan Motor Co., was arrested by the Tokyo District Attorney’s Office’s Special Search Department on November 19, 2018 on suspicion of economic and financial crimes. After nearly 400 days in detention, Mr. Ghosn declared on 31 December 2019: “I am in Lebanon now. I have not escaped justice, but have been freed from injustice and political persecution. (Overseas Network Zhang Qi)

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