Huawei openEuler operating system officially open source: thousands of code warehouses open

On September 20, 2019, huawei revealed that its server operating system, EulerOS, will be open source, named open Euler, to promote the development of the Weipeng ecosystem. At that time, Huawei’s goal was to launch the open Euler open source community on December 31, 2019, and on January 1, 2020, the open Euler open source community infrastructure was finally opened in both Chinese and English versions.

Huawei openEuler operating system officially open source: thousands of code warehouses open

The openEuler infrastructure team revealed that they manage thousands of code warehouses and that they can compile and pass, which is also the biggest challenge facing the community, because such a large number of code warehouses can place an incredible load on the entire infrastructure system.

It is reported that openEuler mainly contains two organizational warehouses, one for source code storage, there are currently more than 20 warehouses.

Two of the projects recommended are iSulad, a cloud-native, lightweight container runtime based on gRPC services, compared to runc it is written in C language, but all interfaces are OCI-compatible with OCI, and a-Tune, based on AI technology, can be automatically optimized basic system software.

Another organization is src-openeuler, which is primarily used to store packages that build ISO images and installation packages for the openEuler operating system, which currently hold about 1,000 packages, each with ARM64, x86 architecture versions, and will continue to grow.

Currently, the community has more than 50 contributors, nearly 600 commits, and nearly 20 SIGs (project groups) are defined on the site.

The openEuler open source community is still in the lead-up to the project, and interested join the infrastructure team.

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