Ghosn’s “Prison Break” Story Update: Interpol Wanted, On The Run for Love

The reality version of “Jailbreak” Nissan’s former chairman, Ghosn, fled Japan and has a plot update, the plot is in a twist, comparable to the Hollywood blockbuster. Former Renault-Nissan Alliance chairman Ghosn has been detained in Tokyo, Japan, for more than 400 days since November 2018 on economic charges. On New Year’s Eve 2020, waiting for the trial, he successfully broke the shell through a three-month plan to escape to his native Lebanon with the help of a fake band.

According to a new Reuters report, Turkey’s interior minister has launched an investigation into Ghosn’s transit through Turkey. Flight tracking data showed that Ghosn used two different aircraft to fly to Istanbul and then to Lebanon.

The Hurriyet news website quoted an Interior Ministry official as saying that Turkish border police had not been notified of Ghosn’s arrival and that his entry and exit had not been registered. Turkish police are currently detaining seven people, including four pilots, two ground staff and a cargo officer. Seven are expected to present their statements to the Tribunal on 2 January.

There are also new stories about passport holdings. Japanese public broadcaster NHK said on January 2nd that Japanese authorities had allowed Mr. Ghosn to carry a locked French passport while on bail, providing some clues as to how he fled to Lebanon.

The best part: Sources close to Mr. Ghosn revealed on Thursday that he had finally made up his mind to escape because he was told at a recent court hearing that one of the two hearings would be postponed until April 2021 and that he would not be allowed to speak to his wife. “He felt sad that he couldn’t see his wife or talk to him. “

At present, INTERPOL has issued a red notice to arrest Ghosn, and the Government of Lebanon has received an interpolated arrest request. People familiar with the matter said the Lebanese government has not yet decided how to respond to Interpol’s arrest warrant.

The US secretary of state has warned that no one is above the law.

French economic and finance ministry officials said. “If Ghosn comes to France, we will not extradite him to Japan, because France will not extradite its own nationals to another country, which applies to everyone.” “

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