Dell to release software update to allow iPhone to project to laptop

Computer maker Dell said today it will release software that will allow users to display iPhone screen content on Dell laptops. Analysts say Dell’s move is aimed at making its laptops more attractive and allowing more iPhone users to buy them. Dell said the feature will be available through mobile Connect software updates in the coming months. In 2018, Mobile Connect has introduced a similar feature for Android phones.

Dell to release software update to allow iPhone to hit laptop

Dell said the update for the iPhone also allows Dell users to drag photos, videos and other files from the iPhone to their PC.

Mobile Connect needs to download an iPhone app that supports the Dell XPS, Inspiron, Vostro and Alienware series of laptops running Windows 10.

Currently, iPhone users can receive notifications and send text messages when using Mobile Connect. Dell says more than 150m calls and text messages have been sent through the software, half of which are sent through Apple’s devices.

For years, Apple has provided deep integration between its Mac and iPhone, including easy file transfer, messaging and calls, but no screen mirroring. Clearly, Dell sees Mobile Connect as a way to attract more people to buy their products.

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