NVIDIA MX330 Notebook Graphics Premiere: Continue 384 Stream Processors

Although today, whether Intel nuclear display or AMD APU, graphics performance has been able to meet the basic needs of the entry, but there is still a very independent graphics card name “light card”, especially in a variety of thin books, NVIDIA MX150, MX250 can be said to be flying. Recently, we saw the MX350 for the first time in Lenovo’s small new Pro 13 2019, the specific specifications are unknown, but the great probability is the MX250 armor, the MX150 secondary armor.

Today, we saw the MX330 in the GeekBench test database, from an HP Envy x360 flip book, and the detection specifications show that there are 3 sets of computing units, or 384 stream processors, with 4GB of memory (should be GDDR5), with the Tenth Generation Core i7-10510U.

NVIDIA MX330 Notebook Graphics Premiere: Continue 384 Stream Processors

In fact, the first two generations have had the MX130, MX230, respectively, the MX150, MX250 low version, but the presence is relatively low, not a lot, the MX330 is obviously also all the way down.

It is almost certain that the MX350 and MX330 will continue to use the old Pascal architecture, and the chances of upgrading to the latest Turing architecture are slim, which is not a good deal to buy and sell.

Ten generations of Core U/Y series are eight generations of reinforced armor, MX350, MX330 if there is no progress, then next year’s many light and thin can really be sharp enough.

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