Aston Martin and Gentex develop three-camera rear-view mirrors for future cars

While we’re not yet fully at the point where cameras replace traditional car rear-view mirrors, more and more automakers are using video sources to help drivers better understand the world around them. Among them, Aston Martin officially unveiled its three-camera hybrid mirror system on Thursday. The DBS Superleggera prototype, which installed the system, will be on display at CES2020.

Aston Martin’s new set, developed in partnership with Gentex in Michigan, essentially combines rear-view mirror and blind-spot camera technology. The rear view mirror housing can display three different video signals simultaneously, one of which is in the middle, showing the usual mirror view with two smaller screens on each side, provided by a camera mounted in the rear view mirror.

Like Cadillac’s single-camera technology, the rear view mirror defaults to traditional reflective settings if the line of sight is blocked due to bad weather or system failure. However, what makes the Gentex system interesting is that it works in hybrid mode, where the driver can use a combination of standard mirror and camera views.

The technology has an automatic adjustment function that changes the video view of the rear view mirror when the driver changes the position of the rear view mirror. It is unclear when the Aston Martin, which uses the technology, will go on sale. But the British carmaker’s partnership with Gentex has already been launched.

Aston Martin and Gentex develop three-camera rear-view mirrors for future cars

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