CES has action Sony is expected to show THE PS5 and PS VR2

Sony won’t be idle at the upcoming CES conference, where their PS5 and PS VR2 will quietly debut. According tomedia reports, Sony will be at the CES 2020 conference for some specific groups, to show their PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2, as to the extent of the display is not clear. For Sony or Microsoft, this generation of console wars seems inevitable, but for now, Microsoft seems to have a stronger momentum in exclusive gaming, but Sony is also working to attract more developers.

CES has action Sony is expected to show THE PS5 and PS VR2

Earlier, Masayasu Ito, executive vice president of hardware engineering and operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment, issued a special statement making it clear that the PlayStation 5 Pro is indeed under development. But that doesn’t mean the game’s owner will be released at the same time as the PS5, with a more likely time to go public in 2023.

“In the past, the development cycle of new platforms was 7-10 years, but given the rapid development and maturity of technology, it is actually a cycle of 6-7 years, ” says Mr Ito. We can’t fully catch up with the rapid development of technology, so our idea is to keep the PS5 as synchronized as possible with the technology cycle, which is also a 6-7 year cycle. But during this platform cycle, we want to combine the technology’s advances, PS VR2, to change the hardware itself. This is also an important reason for the launch of the PS4 Pro, which was released midway through the PS4 cycle. “

As for virtual reality systems, Sony has announced that it can play VR games with new consoles. This clearly indicates that the new PSVR head-on device is also in production. But the device won’t go live immediately after the PS5 is launched. The PS5’s performance is tough from the current configuration, but it will also cost it more than the previous generation.

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