Archaeologists discover That Amazonian female warriors may not be just ancient myths

According tomedia reports, the latest archaeological findings appear to provide the most detailed evidence yet that the ancient Greek female warriors were more than just a myth. Russian archaeologists announced last month that they had analysed the remains of four female soldiers with spears, arrows and horse-riding gear in an ancient Russian tomb, which is believed to have been the story of the Amazonians. The evidence, which is consistent with other previous findings, suggests that these nomadic female hunters and warriors are more than just figures in legends and literature.

Archaeologists discover That Amazonian female warriors may not be just ancient myths

A team of researchers from the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences said the women were Scythian herders, ranging in age from their teens to their 40s. They were apparently buried in this area 2,500 years ago.

In ancient legend, female soldiers fought Hercules, cut off their breasts to better archery, and lived in a lesbian matrilineal society. The Washington Post notes that while the latter two assumptions have not yet been substantiated, there is evidence that these are certainly true, and this refutes the view of some historians that the Amazons were used as propaganda tools to control women in Athens.

In addition, the Washington Post points out that while previous excavations have found a similar phenomenon, that Amazonians may be real, they are not always well preserved. In 2017, researchers found the body of a woman who died from war injuries with an arrow in her leg, suggesting she had something to do with The Amazonian myth.

The researchers say the latest findings mark the first time that women of all ages have been found buried together. It is understood that the oldest of these women wore a gold ceremonial tiara called calathus, which may be a status symbol. It is also the first time a headpiece has been found on the head of such an intact female fighter, the researchers said.

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