Message said ps5 downwards compatiblity, can play all Sony PS family game

With the arrival of 2020, the end of this year will officially usher in the next generation of game console battle. Previous industry commentators have pointed out that Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox will gain an edge in the early days of the war because of its more gaming libraries. But according to the latest news, Sony is clearly not far behind, and the company intends to come up with a huge number of classic games from previous generations to compete for the initial buyers.

Message said ps5 down compatible can play all Sony PS family game

Microsoft has invested more in the Xbox One era for compatible development of Xbox 360 and even Xbox platform games, not only a large number of Xbox 360 games can be run on Xbox One, and even some of the more famous game pictures have been considerably enhanced. According to the news so far, the PS5 may be lagging behind the next-generation Xbox in terms of basic performance, but Sony is working on the number of games.

Message said ps5 down compatible can play all Sony PS family game

According to HipHopGamer, Sony is currently developing a “Remastering Engine” for the PS5, which will be able to run classic games from the PS1 to the PS4 platform, and the same engine as the Xbox One runs 360 games. With screen-enhanced effect, the highest support for these old games at 4K resolution.

Of course, all the news is still hearsay. Coupled with the PS4 did not adopt a better compatibility architecture, PS3 CELL processor is more difficult to develop, estimated that ps5 want to be perfectly compatible with PS2 and PS3 game is still difficult, but as a player of course hope that the PS5 early can play a lot of excellent games. Perhaps Sony will release more details on the PS5 at CES 2020.

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