The production version of the Rivian R1T electric pickup may be equipped with a “trick” rear compartment bezel

The electric pickup start-up Rivian may be planning to redesign a key part of the car in its R1T, according tomedia reports, as a patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization last July and released last month made the case. As can be seen from the patented images, Rivian has designed two rear compartment bezel opening schemes for R1T.

One is the standard low-bezel, which is to keep the bezel flush with the rear compartment of the pickup truck. While this is not a problem in nature, it can make it difficult for people to get things out of the back compartment, especially when moving during transport. So the second look is a better solution, with the bezel down so that it points directly to the ground, and its vertical swing service can even exceed the traditional 90-degree angle.

But there’s also a problem with this approach, which is that if a trailer is hung behind a pickup truck, the bezel can’t swing down completely. Rivian seems to be aware of this, and in its patent filing sit about the possibility of pins stopping when needed. Rivian has already demonstrated the technology in the R1T prototype, and now, given the exposure of the patent application, it will almost certainly eventually appear in the mass production version.

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