Ghosn: Fleeing Japan was a plan by me, withno family members involved

Ghosn denied that his family was involved in the Lebanese escape. On January 2nd Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s former chairman, issued a statement saying his plan to flee to Lebanon was planned by a man whose family members did not play any role in it. Ghosn, 65, of Lebanese descent, was born in Brazil and acquired French and Lebanese citizenship.

Original title: Ghosn statement: Fleeing Japan was planned by me alone, with out of the family members involved

Ghosn: Fleeing Japan was a plan by me, withno family members involved

Local Lebanese television station MTV reported on 31 December 2019 that Ghosn invited the band to perform at his surveillance home in Tokyo and then hid in an oversized instrument box and flown to Istanbul, Turkey, with the help of privately hired security personnel. Then boardanother private jet and arrive in Lebanon.

Later, Mr. Ghosn issued a statement saying he was in Lebanon and that “there will be no more manipulation of the Japanese judicial system.” In Japan’s judicial system, there is a presumption of guilt, rampant discrimination and denial of basic human rights. “

The Japanese government, through Interpol (ICPO), asked the Lebanese government to arrest Mr. Ghosn on January 2. Since There is no extradition treaty between Lebanon and Japan, It is uncertain whether Japan will cooperate in requesting Lebanon’s extradition.

Speculation has been raised about how the escape was carried out, with suspicions that Mr Ghosn’s current wife, Carole Ghosn, was involved in the plot.

But on January 2, according to Fox News, Ghosn, through his public relations firm, issued a statement saying, “There has been a lot of media speculation, including that my wife Carol and other family members were involved in my plans to leave the daily newspaper.” But all the speculation was false and inaccurate, and my departure was orchestrated by me alone, with no role played by family members. “

Commenting on the statement, Bloomberg said Mr. Ghosn was in a hurry to make a statement offering his version of events and protecting his family from legal shocks.

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