How on earth did Ghosn escape? These countries have relationships.

About how Ghosn escaped? These two days, the major media reports are divided, all kinds of speculation its plot is comparable to the novel, film. Local time on the evening of the 2nd, Beijing time late yesterday night, the current person in Lebanon, Ghosn issued a statement to clarify that his family did not participate in his escape plan. In the brief statement, Mr. Ghosn stressed that his plan to flee Japan was his own, that his wife, Carole, had nothing to do with it, and that his other family members were not involved.

Original title: How on earth did Ghosn escape? These countries have relationships.

Earlier, Lebanese media reported that it was Gohn’s wife, Carole, who sent a group of mercenaries posing as musicians to “rescue” Ghosn from Japan, and French media said that Carole organized the mysterious escape with the help of her brother and his ties to Turkey.

How on earth did Ghosn escape? These countries have relationships.

While Mr Ghosn denied that his escape was linked to his wife, Reuters quoted sources as saying mr Ghosn’s “decision to leave the escape” was indeed related to Mr Carroll, who, according to the source, had “delayed the trial of Mr Ghosn’ and “severely restricted Mr Ghosn’s contact with his wife”. The former chairman of Nissan Motor Co. made him determined to flee Tokyo.

Lebanon’s caretaker government justice minister Albert Selhan confirmed Tuesday that the Lebanese Public Prosecution Service has received a “red notice” issued by Interpol against Ghosn.

How on earth did Ghosn escape? These countries have relationships.

Mr. Serhan did not specify how the “red notice” would be treated, stressing only that the Lebanese Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “have been concerned from the outset about the Gohn case, and that there is no extradition agreement between Lebanon and Japan, and that the Lebanese side will deal with the case in accordance with domestic legal procedures and may summon Mr. Ghosn himself.”

In previous cases, when Lebanon received an INTERPOL “red notice”, the Lebanese judiciary would not normally arrest a Lebanese citizen as long as he was a Lebanese citizen and was in Lebanon, but would confiscate the person’s passport and set the amount of bail, Reuters reported.

On Tuesday, the Tokyo District Attorney’s Office searched the residence designated by Ghosn’s bail conditions in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

According to Kyodo news agency, Japan’s “entry and exit” in the office of the Office of “no Goon’s exit record” in the database – the Tokyo local inspection on the grounds of suspected violations of the “entry and exit management and refugee identification law”, 2 pm, with the police and the “entry management office” jointly carried out a search. They will analyze images of surveillance probes around Ghosn’s residence and investigate the passages and facilitators of Ghosn’s exit.

How on earth did Ghosn escape? These countries have relationships.

Kyodo news agency also quoted sources as saying that Ghosn had french, Lebanese and Brazilian passports, of which, for “some reason”, had two French passports, all of which were originally held by his legal team – but after bail ,” “Ghosn is legally obliged to carry his passport.” The Tokyo District Court therefore changed the bail conditions to “Ghosn can carry a French passport in a locked box”, the key to which the key is administered by a legal team. It is speculated that Ghosn was supposed to have carried a French passport in a locked box when he fled. Earlier media reports said Mr Ghosn entered Lebanon “with a legitimate French passport”.

What is France’s attitude towards Ghosn’s absconding?

French Economy and Finance Ministry Secretary Agnes Panierunache 2, stressed that if Ghosn returned to France, France will not repatriate him, “because France will not send any French citizens.” Panierunache also said the French judiciary would not send an extradition request to Lebanon because the charges mr. Ghosn was involved in were in Japan, not France.

How on earth did Ghosn escape? These countries have relationships.

Istanbul, Turkey, is an important part of The Escape Route, which has been revealed in the media. Mr Ghosn is said to have flown to Istanbul’s Ataturk airport on a private jet from Kansai Airport in Japan before connecting to Lebanon.

Turkish police arrested seven people in Istanbul on Tuesday on suspicion of helping Mr. Ghosn, Turkish media reported.

The seven included four pilots from a private passenger airline, two employees of a private airport ground business company and a freight company manager.

How on earth did Ghosn escape? These countries have relationships.

Turkey’s Interior Ministry has reportedly launched an investigation into Ghosn’s “transit”, and after the Interior Ministry expanded the scope of the investigation, prosecutors asked the police to arrest the seven people suspected of assisting Ghosn.

Turkish media reported that the plane carrying Ghosn arrived at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport around 5:30 a.m. local time on December 30, 2019, and Turkish Interior Ministry officials said that Turkish border police “were not informed of Ghosn’s arrival, and that Ghosn’s entry and departure were not recorded”.

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