“Fortress Night” 2019 revenue down 25% but still the most profitable free game

According to SuperData, a research firm, “Fortress Night” remains the biggest game in 2019 in terms of revenue, with $1.8 billion in revenue — down 25 percent from a record $2.4 billion a year ago, according to superData, a research firm. Nielsen-owned SuperData reported total gaming revenue of $109.4 billion in 2019, up 3 percent from a year earlier.

Although Epic Games’ “Fortress Night” revenue scored “steady” in 2019, it still outstripped other free-to-air games, which accounted for 80 percent of this year’s digital gaming market (as in 2018). According to SuperData, the success of “Night of the Fort” comes from the constant updating of content – Epic released the second chapter of the game in October – and making money by subscribing to Battle Pass, as well as cross-promoting other pop culture blockbusters such as The Avengers. Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and the latest “Star Wars.”

In addition, Fortress Night has been very successful in turning players into consumers. For example, “Fortress Night” has fewer players than Riot Games’ Hero League, but SuperData says PC Version of Fortress Night spending more than twice as much on game content as the latter’s players.

After “Night of the Fort,” the top free game in 2019 by revenue is Nexon’s Dungeon And Warrior Online and Tencent’s “King’s Glory,” both $1.6 billion, followed by Hero League and King’s Alliance Digital’s Candy Crush Legends, both $1.5 billion, was followed by Niantic’s Pokemon Go and SmileGate’s Crossing the Line of Fire, both $1.4 billion.

Meanwhile, total paid gaming revenue fell in 2019, down 5 percent from a year earlier, to $18.9 billion, as fewer AAA-rated games were sold in 2018. With the exception of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Sims 4, the top 10 paid games are all sports or shooting games — top of EA’s “FIFA 19” with $786 million, followed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with $645 million.

But by 2020, paid games are on track to have their highest-earning year ever, with revenues rising to $19.8 billion, according to SuperData. This year’s big release series will include CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 (starring Keanu Reeves), “The Last Survivor 2” and “Animal Journey: New Horizons.” Later this year, new consoles — Microsoft’s Xbox X series and Sony’s PlayStation 5 — will be released over the holidays. These are huge expansion opportunities for digital gaming, as powerful hardware will deliver new, more immersive gaming experiences.

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