hisilicon Semiconductor enters the open market no longer only for Huawei to supply chips

Beijing time on the morning of January 3, according tomedia reports, Huawei’s chip company, Hisilicon Semiconductor, has finally started supplying chips to companies other than Huawei. Previously, the company only offered chips to Huawei, but during the recent ELEXCON 2019 electronics show in Shenzhen, HiSilicon unveiled its first 4G communications chip for the open market.

Heath Semiconductor enters the open market no longer only for Huawei to supply chips

Shanghai HiSilicon, a Huawei subsidiary set up in April last year, will sell its chip products on the open market, the report said. Shenzhen HiSilicon, on the other hand, will be responsible for supplying chips to its parent company.

In addition to selling chips on the open market, HiSilicon has changed the naming of some of its product lines and expanded its business into several new market segments. The company’s image product line, currently known as Smart Vision, will soon expand from specialized security monitoring to a wider range of perceptive computing products designed for consumers and automotive electronics.

The company has also integrated its set-top box with its TV product line into the Smart Media product line, which will now focus on full-screen smart terminals and smart home centers. In addition, the company is expanding its connectivity business and has set up three business incubation groups. The teams include a display group focused on large, medium and small screen devices, an automotive electronics group targeting the connected car market, and a robotics team.

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