BBC’s new-year drama Dracula lands on the mainland platform “The Detective Sherlock”

The BBC’s 2020 drama Dracula will be released exclusively on January 4 in mainland China via watermelon video, with a one-off release of all three episodes, which will be broadcast globally with Netflix. 
The series Dracula, produced by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, the original production team of “The Detective Sherlock”, and the film “Dracula”, inspired by the novel of the same name by the Irish writer Bram Stoker, tells the story of the vampire Count Dracula who left his homeland in the Victorian era of Transylvania. The story of a deadly journey.

Klass Bon, who starred in the Cannes Film Festival’s best film “Freedom Square,” plays count Dracula, with cast members including John Heffernan, Joanna Scanlon, Dolly Wells and Sasha Dawan.

Dracula Trailer

Phil Hardman, SENIOR Vice President of Business Operations and Strategy at BBC Studios Asia, said: “We are proud to bring this latest British production to a Chinese audience through a watermelon video that brings together the best actors and the best creative teams in the industry, both well-made and well-made. Its engrossing plot and flesh-and-blood character are sure to be refreshing to the audience. “

As another tribute to the BBC’s global audience, Dracula is produced by Hartswood Films, co-produced by BBC One and Netflix, and bbc Studios is released worldwide. The show will be launched exclusively on January 4 in mainland China via watermelon video. It is also the first time that a video platform in mainland China has simultaneously broadcast film and television productions with Netflix.

In addition to Dracula, the BBC dramas that will meet mainland Chinese audiences this year include the 12th season of Doctor Who and Season 5 of Inside No. 9.

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