Li Bin New Year’s Internal Letter: NIO to raise gross margin as soon as possible

In an internal letter to employees on January 2nd, Li Bin, chairman of NIO Automobile, said, “In the last year of 2019, we have experienced all the challenges we have not experienced before.” “I also thank colleagues for their quick response and proactive response to major events such as battery recalls.”

He said that after 2019, NIO gained more confidence and grew rapidly. At the same time, he focused on thanking more than 30,000 users. “They didn’t give up on us at these difficult times, they were even under more pressure than we were, and more than many of us did.” The trust and support of our users is our most valuable asset and the value of our work. ”

Li Bin said that by 2020 NIO will enter the energy-efficient model. “The excellence of research and development and service excellence in low cost and efficient leather is our leading approach to operations and management from 2020. ”

Li Bin New Year's Internal Letter: Weilai to raise gross margin as soon as possible

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