Disney CEO praises ‘Little Woman’ as ‘masterpiece’

Adapted and directed by Oscar-nominated director Greta Gerwig, “Little Woman” is in north American theaters. The film has already cut 27 awards and 128 nominations, scored highon ratings on multiple websites, made the major media annual list, and even conquered Disney’s CEO. On January 3rd, Florence Pur, who plays March’s sister-in-law Amy, celebrated her 24th birthday, and her outstanding performance in the film was even more impressive and won plaudits. And “Little Woman”‘s high praise is undoubtedly her best birthday gift.

Disney CEO praises 'Little Woman' as 'masterpiece'

Disney CEO makes rare praise for ‘Little Woman’

Disney CEO praises 'Little Woman' as 'masterpiece'

“Sweet Tea” Helps Florence Tie Apron

Since its release in North America on Christmas Day, “Little Woman” has won praise from outside the industry for its warm and moving emotional core, outstanding performance by the cast of fairy actors, and the well-made behind-the-scenes team at the Oscars. Former U.S. President Barack Obama has put “Little Woman” on his list of the best films of 2019, and “King of Horror Fiction” Stephen King has made the film “cross-border praise”, and the film’s high quality has even conquered “enemy” Disney CEO Bob Iger. He tweeted: “I usually only tweet about the release of my company’s films, but when I finished “Little Woman,” I felt i had to thank and praise Greta Gerwig and her entire team for making such a beautiful and delightful film!” It’s a masterpiece in every sense! “

Adapted from the classic original book of the same name, “Little Woman” tells the story of the family, love and growth of the four sisters of the Marge family. The four sisters have very different personalities and have their own strengths, with little sister Amy impressing many viewers. She was smart, lively, purposeful, and dreamed of becoming a great painter. Amy’s character, Florence Poe, has a profound and unique understanding of the character. She thought Amy was charming and had mixed thoughts. Florence shows the audience what Amy really looks like in the film. “People often think of Amy as just a spoiled young girl, but I think she’s a passionate artist,” she says. I like the film showing Amy’s humanity and sensitivity. “

Disney CEO praises 'Little Woman' as 'masterpiece'

Florence at the prom.

As a post-95 rising star, Florence plays with Meryl Streep (“Iron Lady”) and Laura Dunn (“Big Little Lies” in the film, undeterred and confident. Her excellent performance in “Little Woman” has also won a lot of media and industry recognition. “Her performance in Little Woman achieved a rare balance, capturing Amy’s clever nature in the last second, and her solemn demeanor the next second,” the Washington Post said. “The Waterist” director Gilmore del Toro praised: “Florence Pearl has brought incredible performances again, and it seems to me that she is incredibly talented. “

Florence, who won the 20th British Independent Film Award for “Lady Macbeth,” has been nominated for best supporting actress at the American Critics’ Choice Film Awards and the London Film Critics Association Awards. These awards are undoubtedly a high recognition of her acting skills. It is worth mentioning that Florence Pearl, who plays little sister Amy in “Little Woman”, will also be transformed into a female agent in “Black Widow” Yelena, who can be able to take on the arts, play a wide range, the future can be.

Disney CEO praises 'Little Woman' as 'masterpiece'

Florence secretly observed in the carriage.

“Little Woman” is currently a big hit on major ratings sites at home and abroad, and the film’s cast is luxurious: Silsa Ronan (Miss Bird), Emma Watson (“Harry Potter”), Eliza Scanlon (“The “Beautiful”), Florence Pearl (“Lady Macbeth” as the Marchian sisters. Four-time Golden Globe winner Laura Dunn (“Jurassic Park”), “Sweet Tea” Timothy Chalmers (“Call Me By Your Name”), three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep (The Washington Post) and more. Such high scores and fairy line-up also attracted domestic fans “to set the tone” calls constantly. The film has been confirmed to introduce the domestic, please look forward to it.

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