Domestic operating system UOS adapts to the Synochip fingerprint recognition: Loongson / megacore and other platform one-click unlock

日前,国产统一操作系统UOS宣布与杭州晟元数据安全技术股份有限公司完成兼容适配工作,UOS+晟元指纹识别芯片可以在Loongson、兆芯、飞腾、申威、鲲鹏、海光等国产CPU上一键解锁,进一步提升国产UOS系统的实用性。Recently, the domestic unified operating system UOS announced that with Hangzhou Synochip data Security Technology Co., Ltd. to complete the compatible adaptation work, UOS and Synochip fingerprint identification chip can be in Loongson, Zhaoxin, Flying, Shenwei, Peng, Haiguang and other domestic CPU on the key unlock, further enhance the practicality of the domestic UOS system.

所有人都知道国产操作系统最大的问题是生态,但是生态问题不是一天、一月甚至一年就能解决的,只能一步步来,此前国内有多个操作系统项目,但在2019年特殊的形势下,多个操作系统正在整合,CEC中国电子旗下的两大麒麟Linux合并了,而UOS(unity operating system)是中国电子集团(CEC)、武汉深之度科技有限公司、南京诚迈科技、中兴新支点等四大厂商合作的,主体公司是统信软件公司,由诚迈科技子公司武汉迈诚科技、武汉深之度分别作价2亿、2.55亿合资而成。Everyone knows that the biggest problem of domestic operating systems is ecology, but ecological problems can not be solved in a day, january or even a year, can only be solved step by step, before there are multiple operating system projects in China, but in 2019 special situation, multiple operating systems are being integrated, CEC China Electronics’s two major Kirin Linux merger, and UOS (unity operating system) is China Electronics Group (CEC), Wuhan Deep Degree Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Chengmei Technology, ZTE new fulcrum and other four major manufacturers to cooperate, the main company is the United Trust Software Company, By Chengmei Technology subsidiary Wuhan Meicheng Technology, Wuhan Deep degree for 200 million, 255 million joint venture.

Domestic operating system UOS adapts to the element fingerprint recognition Loongson / megacore and other platform one-click unlock

UOS的目标是统一发布渠道、应用商店、UI、内核、文档及开发接口,并采用开源社区的方式吸引产业链上下游共同支持UOS系统,也会支持国内外各种CPU处理器。The goal of UOS is to unify distribution channels, app stores, UI, cores, documents, and development interfaces, and to use the open source community to attract the upstream and downstream support of the industry chain to support UOS systems, as well as a variety of CPU processors at home and abroad.

在此之后,UOS迅速开展与国内软硬件平台的适配工作,与国内各主流整机厂商,以及数百家软件厂商展开了全方位的兼容性适配工作。After this, UOS quickly carried out with the domestic hardware and software platform adaptation work, with the domestic mainstream machine manufacturers, as well as hundreds of software manufacturers launched a full range of compatibility work.

在处理器方面,UOS已经适配Loongson、兆芯、飞腾、申威、鲲鹏、海光等国产CPU。In terms of processors, UOS has adapted Toongson, Megacore, Flying, Shenwei, LuPeng, Haiguang and other domestic CPU.

在浏览器上,UOS已经适配360安全浏览器、Firefox、Chrome等国内外主流浏览器。On the browser, UOS has adapted 360 secure browser, Firefox, Chrome and other mainstream browsers at home and abroad.

在云桌面上,统一操作系统UOS已经与和信创天完成兼容性适配,可为客户提供安全可靠的云化转型升级方案。On the cloud desktop, the unified operating system UOS has been compatible with and The Letters, can provide customers with a safe and reliable cloud transformation and upgrade program.

在办公软件上,金山的WPS Office 2019以及永中Office也已经适配UOS操作系统。In office software, Jinshan’s WPS Office 2019 and Yongzhong Office are also adapted to the UOS operating system.

此外,UOS还适配了华为的FusionAccess桌面云,打造了基于统一操作系统UOS的桌面云联合解决方案。In addition, UOS adapts Huawei’s FusionAccess desktop cloud to create a desktop cloud joint solution based on the unified operating system UOS.

Domestic operating system UOS adapts to the element fingerprint recognition Loongson / megacore and other platform one-click unlock

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