Tesla’s new SUV Model Y China price announcement: 444-535,000 yuan

Today, Tesla China officially announced that the domestic Model 3 officially reduced the price by 32,000 yuan to 299.05 million yuan. The original price of the domestic Model 3 standard battery-renewed upgraded model was 3558 million yuan, a price reduction of 32,000 yuan, minus the subsidy of 24.75 million yuan, the first time down to 300,000 yuan or less. At the same time, Tesla’s other new model, model Y, has also updated its price in China, with three versions of the new car starting at 444-535,000 yuan. Of course, the price is still estimated, the actual price is finally announced, for reference only.

Tesla's new SUV Model Y China price announcement: 444-535,000 yuan

Among them, the Model Y rear-wheel-drive long-range version sold for 444,000 yuan, the range of 540 km (WLTP estimate), the maximum speed of 209km/h, 0-100 km/h acceleration of 5.8 seconds.

The dual-motor all-wheel drive long-range version is priced at 488,000 yuan, with a range of 505 km (WLTP estimate) and a top speed of 217km/h, 0-100km/h acceleration of 5.1 seconds.

Dual-motor all-wheel drive Performance high-performance version 535,000 yuan, range of 480 km (WLTP estimate), maximum speed of 241km/h, 0-100 km/h acceleration of 3.7 seconds.

Model Y and Model 3 are understood to be the same platform models that share about three-quarters of automotive parts, which will play an important role in reducing manufacturing costs.

The Model Y is located in a five-door midsize SUV and is available in seven-seat versions. Like the Model 3, Tesla’s ultra-charge V3.0 system is supported with a maximum charging power of 250kW.

According to Tesla’s official website, Model Y will start production in 2021.

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