OnePlus’s first concept-machine exposure: OnePlus Concept One with ‘hidden post-camera’ design

On January 3rd, OnePlus mobile phone officially announced that the first concept machine, onePlus Concept One, will be released during CES, which will use the “hidden rear camera” design to hide the rear camera through electrochromic technology. OnePlus is the industry’s first brand to apply electrochromic technology to smartphones, previously applied to electrochromic technology in airplanes and sports cars.

The OnePlus Concept One’s rear lens uses electrochromic material to “hide” the entire rear camera module of the phone under the back case of the phone’s glass, and only when the user uses the rear camera, the glass on the rear lens becomes transparent and visible; The black glass lens blends with the whole piece of glass around it, making it almost imperceptible as if the phone had no rear-camera.

OnePlus's first concept-machine exposure: OnePlus Concept One with 'hidden post-camera' designOnePlus's first concept-machine exposure: OnePlus Concept One with 'hidden post-camera' design

With the development of smartphone photography function and the emergence of multi-camera scheme, the balance between multi-camera arrangement and aesthetics has become a design problem. “Hidden rear-view” makes the phone look more integrated, while giving a more comfortable and smooth grip. OnePlus has long been exploring a high-level aesthetic design that gives products a powerful performance, hoping to truly provide users with a “no-burden” experience that is easy and efficient, and OnePlus One is OnePlus’s new exploration of the future of smartphones.

OnePlus Concept One will be unveiled on January 7th, Las Vegas time.

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