AMD Ryzen 3000 processor overclocked too scum Intel: our 7nm CPU will not

AMD introduced the 7nm Zen2 architecture of the Ryzen 3000 processor in 2019, regardless of performance or power consumption, cost-effective, all aspects are excellent, only overclocking performance is not good, said to be very scum, almost no overclocking potential. For AMD’s Ryzen 3000 processor overclocking is not good, there are players worried that this is a 7nm process problem, so Intel’s future 7nm CPU overclocking performance is also worried about, then Intel official lying?

AMD Ryzen 3000 processor overclocked too scum Intel: our 7nm CPU will not

Tomshardware recently visited Intel’s OC Overclocking Lab to talk to some of the big wigs of the OC overclocking team, and Dan Ragland, chief engineer of Intel’s performance tuning and overclocking architecture, responded to the CPU overclocking problem, denying the notion that CPU overclocking was dead.

“OC overclocking doesn’t die, even 7nm and future CPUs, overclocking doesn’t die. Dan Ragland says, “Intel’s CPU won’t even if someone else has experienced overclocking limits.” “

“I can tell you with confidence that it’s not true that those who see a friend’s 7nm processor overclocking don’t doubt the end of overclocking (7nm CPU has no overclocking potential), ” says Dan Ragland. “

All in all, in Dan Ragland’s view, Intel is confident that cpu overclocking will be true, even if it is 7nm and future CPUs, even if it doesn’t work.

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