Us woman found dead in house with 140 snakes: suspected killed by python

A 36-year-old woman from Oxford, Indiana, was recently found dead in a makeshift “snake sanctuary” where 140 snakes are known to be kept, foreign media reported. The victim, Laura Hurst, was found with a mesh python wrapped around her neck. It’s a strange story from start to finish, and it starts with the owner of the house, who happens to be the local sheriff.


Benton County Sheriff Don Munson owned the house, but he did not live there, according to media reports. He was clearly a snake lover and was (or still is) a snake breeder who sold snakes. Munson reportedly kept some snakes in his house, and Hurst lived next door to his house.

When Hurst’s body was found, a large python was loosely around her neck, so it was likely that the python killed the woman, but state police made no assumptions. It was not immediately clear who found the woman’s body, but police said the informant tried to untie the snake around her neck. Obviously, it didn’t work out. Next, the forensics will conduct a thorough examination of the body to determine the true cause of death.

Munson, meanwhile, said he was cooperating with the investigation, but he did not give further details about the snake or the house other than that he was the owner of the snake and lived next door to the deceased.

Hurst is said to be a snake lover, so if she had known munson’s house was stocked with snakes, she wouldn’t have been so surprised there.

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