Google launches Coral mini development board and Coral accelerator module

Last March, Google released Coral, a range of hardware tools and accessories designed to promote edge AI development. It launched the beta version in selected regions, followed by a beta version in a wider region last October. Today, ahead of the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, Google announced that it will launch a new member of the Coral family later this year.

The first is the Coral Acceleration Module, a multi-chip package with Google-customdesigned Edge Sheet Processing Unit (TPU). The module, which has both PCIe and USB interfaces and can be easily integrated into custom PCB designs, said the technology giant had worked closely with manufacturing partner Murata to ship in the first or second quarter of 2020.

TPU is a dedicated integrated circuit (ASIC) developed specifically for neural network machine learning. The chip inside the Coral Board – The Edge TPU – can execute multiple computer vision models at 30 frames per second, or a single model (e.g. MobileNet V2) at more than 100 fps, thanks in part to Google’s Cloud IoT Edge data management and processing stacks.

Today, Google also unveiled the Coral Mini Board, which is smaller in size, consumes power and costs less than the Coral board. The Coral Mini Board combines the new Coral Accelerator module with MediaTek’s 8167s on-chip system to create a board that excels in 720p video encoding and decoding as well as computer vision use cases. It will go on sale in the first half of 2020.

Google launches Coral mini development board and Coral accelerator module

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