really going to make a movie? Ghosn is in Hollywood.

Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., hosted a Hollywood producer at his Tokyo residence in December 2019 to discuss bringing his personal experience to the screen so that more people could learn about his “innocent” experience, according to a Source. The producer, John Lesher, was the producer of the 2014 Oscar-winning film Birdman.

During the meeting, Mr. Ghosn told Mr. Leisher about his experience, saying he had been unjustly imprisoned by The Japanese and was trying to establish himself. He asked Lesher if his experience would gain more sympathy if it were made into a film.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that it was not immediately clear when the meeting would take place, but Mr. Ghosn appeared to be planning to flee Japan. By 2020, the news of Mr. Ghosn’s presence in Lebanon, which has been reported in global media, already has all the elements of a Hollywood blockbuster: the escape of a suspect on a private jet, a multi-national passport, rumors of a team behind the escape plan, the denials of claims by the countries behind the conspiracy theory.

You're really going to make a movie? Ghosn is in Hollywood.

Sources said Mr. Ghosn’s discussions with Mr. Leisher were not in-depth, with the topic surrounding his own “redemption” and the film’s negative role being the Japanese judicial system. Mr. Ghosn is convinced that he cannot get a fair trial in Japan.

Ghosn was arrested twice in Japan in November 2018 and April 2019 and released on huge bail. Bail rules state that Mr. Ghosn is not allowed to leave Japan while on bail. Mr Ghosn is charged with underreporting huge amounts of personal income and misappropriating Nissan funds, charges he denies.

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