The Trump team has considered postponing the release of the president’s tweets

U.S. President Donald Trump’s staff considered asking Twitter to delay Trump’s tweets for 15 minutes at the start of his presidency, according to foreign media reports, in order to censor the president’s tweets, but they feared the content would be leaked to the media or that Trump himself had abandoned the idea.

The message came from a special report on Trump and Twitter published Saturday in the New York Times.


The New York Times is understood to have reviewed more than 11,000 tweets from Mr. Trump and hundreds of accounts retweeted by the president, as well as investigating Mr. Trump’s followers and interviewing some insiders.

In addition, the report said:

Trump “retweeted at least 145 unconfirmed, push-plot or extremist accounts,” of which “more than 20 accounts have been blocked by Twitter.” The New York Times also said the accounts involved “white nationalists, anti-Muslim bigots and followers of QAnon.”

— Foreign spies noticed that Trump scrolled through his tweets, and they used the method to get his attention, get retweets, follow and spread their messages. “These accounts often promote conspiracy theories or support Trump’s policies,” the New York Times reported, and Trump retweeted a tweet from a fake Russian account that read, “We love you, Mr. President.” “

— More than half of Trump’s more than 11,000 tweets were directed at others. But in more than 2,000 tweets, Trump quoted one person to praise himself. “

The White House did not respond to a request for comment. Twitter also declined to comment.

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