Chinese Academy of Sciences experts on commercial space tourism: hope to get tickets to the moon as soon as possible

“China does not have a real commercial space tourism company, and I hope that China’s commercial space tourism companies will gradually develop, to give Chinese the opportunity to buy an early travel ticket to the moon to lay the foundation.” On October 31st, at the second Silk Road Commercial Space Congress, Wu Ji, former director of the National Center for Space Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said.

(Original title: Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers on China’s commercial space tourism: hope to buy tickets to the moon as soon as possible)

Journalist Zhang Jing


Virgin Galactic, which has just listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has a 90-minute flight at a cost of about $250,000 ($1.76 million), and 603 people from 60 countries and territories have paid nearly $80 million for their seats.

Musk’s SpaceX said last September that Japanese billionaire Former Lyu aso would be its first space traveler. The former Zeyou plans to invite six to eight artists to travel for free, but details of the cost of the trip have not been disclosed.

Wu said the cost of space tourism is too high at the moment, and if a 70-kilogram visitor wants to go to heaven at $10,000 a kilogram, it will cost about $700,000, “which doesnot include the return price at this time.” “

Moon tourism to break through landing technology, but also to solve the problem of high-speed communication, “if the use of mobile phone on Earth WeChat to the moon can also be used is the best.” “Furthermore, all flight fuel extraction from the lunar surface would be the best choice. “If you want to survive in the long term, oxygen will have to be taken from earth. “

Wu Ji believes that the commercial space market volume is growing, which brings confidence to the industry. But he also said that space tourism must reduce costs, cost reduction first rely on technological breakthroughs, that is, breakthrough take-off and landing technology. “As long as humans go into space, maintenance costs are not very high. “

“The last time humans left the moon was in 1972. “Since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, there has been no manned mission to the moon in the world. “Humans are not only species on Earth, but also of the solar system, and should accelerate their entry into the solar system. “

He said that the main purpose of traditional spaceflight is to serve the political, whether it is national defense or major exploration projects, scientific projects, all government investment, political attributes are very strong. But in the late 1970s, there was a breakthrough, the emergence of the first international communications satellites led to the development of commercial space. By the 1990s, when satellites were standardized, college students began to enter the field of commercial spaceflight.

“Space is neutral, both for defense politics and for business. The previous decades have been blocked in the political sphere, so far how have we broken the blockade? Wu Ji believes that the first is to rely on the government to open up, the second is to rely on a large number of cheap commercial components, especially the development of their own technology, and the third is to open up new markets, in the new market to find development ideas.

Since 2015, China’s policies in the space sector have been gradually opened up, which offers great prospects for commercial space tourism in the future. “We want new space to have greater development, aiming at commercial space, aiming at new technology to expand the market is one direction for our future development.” “

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