OPPO future new machine suing camera slots

According tomedia reports, there will be many new smartphones in 2020, all with full-screen design, And Mosaic notch technology will help manufacturers achieve this goal. While experts say smartphones with Mosaic notch will be on the market, there seem to be some companies that intend to fix existing notch alternatives this year.

OPPO seems to be one such company that it hopes to continue to use the design of pop-up selfie cameras in future smartphones. But the Chinese company is also trying to showcase its existing popular selfie camera designs in different ways. A patent found in the database of China’s State Intellectual Property Office shows the company’s idea of a side-pop-up camera.

OPPO future new machine suing camera slots

A smartphone with a side camera will place the pop-up selfie camera on the side of the phone instead of the top of the phone.

OPPO future new machine suing camera slots

On the back of the phone there are two cameras and an LED flash under the pop-up device.

It’s worth noting that patents don’t usually become real products, and this can happen in smartphone patents.

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