Google Chrome will support error codes similar to Windows BSOD screens

Google Chrome will get support for error codes, similar to the one sseen on the Windows Blue Screen Crash (BSOD) crash page. The move is an attempt to provide Chrome users with a code that allows them to search online and find debugging help for various crashes.

Google Chrome will support error codes similar to Windows BSOD screens

Development of the new feature began last November, and the error code has been tested in the current version of Chrome Canary (v81). The error code will appear on the so-called “sad tab” page, also known as “Aw, Snap!”, which is the page that Chrome displays when the tab crashes.

Chrome currently has 137 error codes configured, according to the Chromium project source code. All error codes are listed here and cover a variety of error types, from tabs that cannot access the appropriate hardware resources to issues with Chrome secure sandboxes and issues caused by the underlying operating system.

If you want to test and see what these error codes look like, users can open Chrome Canary and navigate to the chrome://crash or chrome://kill to trigger the on-demand tab crash.

Currently, the feature is being tested, and although it has already been tested in Chrome v81, it is not clear whether it will be available with Chrome 81.

In addition, since the feature was proposed by Eric Lawrence, a software engineer with Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser, you can expect it to be rolled out in other Chromium-based browsers, including Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi.

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