Is The UI design of Windows 95 better than Windows 10?

Windows 95, an antique UI and UX design, recently got a heated discussion on Reddit. UX enthusiast Tuomas Salo tweeted his appreciation for Windows 95’s UI and UX design, saying that today we’ve lost the essence of 95 in this regard.

Is The UI design of Windows 95 better than Windows 10?

Is The UI design of Windows 95 better than Windows 10?

As noted in the picture given, Tuomas specifies several design points for Windows 95:

1, with underlined letters for keyboard shortcuts, very convenient.

2, the design clearly shows that “we are buttons”, you can easily find the desired button.

3. Column titles look like buttons because they are buttons.

4, the divider bar is similar to the window frame, a look to know that it can be resized.

5. The always-visible scroll bar immediately feeds back the user’s information about content and quantity.

6. The ellipsis prompts this button to open a dialog box instead of taking action immediately.

7, the handle lets the user know that the window can be resized.

The top comment on this topic on Reddit was the slotting on Windows 10. Users find the Windows 10 settings menu confusing, “I swear, whenever I want to change something, it feels like I have to navigate through some kind of maze.”

He also says that older UIs do their best to make their operations predictable, and that users only need to know how it works, but that modern Ui is more like a UI trying to predict, or to get to know the user, which is the exact opposite of the former.

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