PowerVision launches PowerEgg X: a flying personal AI camera

According tomedia Slash Gear, PowerVision has announced the launch of its new product, the PowerEgg X, which is described as a flying AI personal camera. The drone is designed around its camera capabilities – and while it can be used to prove the drone’s usefulness in other situations, including land surveys, it can be used to capture stunning photos of user-like activities. The core of the device is its 4K / 60fps camera.

PowerVision launches PowerEgg X: a flying personal AI camera

PowerEgg X drones have autonomous capabilities. According to PowerVision, the product can fly in the air at 38 knots, and the model can also be used with optional waterproof sleeves and landing buoy accessories for certain shooting environments, including water bodies. PowerVision claims that its drones will work even in heavy rain, making them useful for rescue operations at sea.

PowerEgg X is also unique in its support for SyncVoice technology, which allows operators to tell video captured by drones in real time using a Bluetooth headset or smartphone microphone. The narrative automatically syncs with the content and can be used for up to 30 minutes while the device is in drone mode.

Other features include precise landing and automatic barrier avoidance, as well as other unspecified “practical features.” The built-in camera is also equipped with a three-axis stabilizer and an optical image stabilizer. The PowerEgg X can be used in handheld universal camera mode and can capture up to 3.5 hours of content.

These features make the PowerEgg X an unexpectedly strong competitor in the consumer drone market, offering unique features that some competing models cannot offer. As expected, the drone is not cheap, at $899 (RMB6,261). Starting January 7, PowerEgg X can be purchased through a number of retailers, including Best Buy.

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