Hillary: Zuckerberg should pay the price for hurting the Democratic Party

“Mark Zuckerberg should pay the price for what he’s done to our Democratic Party,” Hillary Clinton said at a recent event on the controversial political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, according to foreign media. Mrs Clinton’s comments are the latest blow to Facebook’s CEO, who has recently been the latest in a son-in-chief of negative voices against the social networking company.


Mr Zuckerberg recently faced accusations that his company had refused to remove ads for politicians with lies.

“One of our problems is that those of us who have been scared by this war on truth and fake news are not very good at fighting it,” Clinton said, according to the report. It’s hard because you’re dealing with algorithms and all these powerful forces, it’s really hard. “

The Great Hack, a Cambridge Analytica documentary, is understood to have talked about the data-driven company’s role in the 2016 US presidential election, when Mrs Clinton lost to Mr Trump. It also raises the larger question of whether people are voluntarily providing personal information to technology companies while being manipulated by social media.

“It’s not just an election, it’s a lot of choices we face in society right now,” Clinton said of the moment. Although this is our message, people seem to forget that they should ask to own it. “

The scandal led to Zuckerberg testifying before Congress for the first time.

In addition, Mrs Clinton said on Friday that the current trajectory of the tech industry could lead to a bad fairy tale. “For us, this is an imminent challenge. “

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