Guru wants to bring new wireless charging solutions

Although the concept of wireless charging has been around for a long time, the large-scale commercialization of related products has been a thing of the past decade or so. To promote the popularity of wireless charging, a start-up called Guru wants to commercialize the compact, affordable wireless charging devices they’ve built. It is worth noting that the company’s solution is to transmit power based on high-frequency radio waves, especially the emerging millimeter waves in the U.S. 5G cellular network.

Guru wants to bring new wireless charging solutions

(Image via TheVerge)

At next week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020), Guru will showcase three prototype charging products it has developed in collaboration with electronics manufacturers.

This includes a desktop system that wirelessly charges almost any gadget within a few feet of the countertop.

The second is a large ceiling-based suite version, and the third is a removable version of a Roomba sweeper-like robot that charges smart home gadgets such as a camera or internet sensor.

Guru wants to bring new wireless charging solutions

“Remote wireless transmission is not a new concept, and that’s what Tesla thinks,” said Florian Bohn, the company’s co-founder and chief executive.

Previously, Florian Bohn founded a mobile phone component company called Axiom Semiconductor and worked on the CalTech program to transmit solar microwaves to land.

Clearly, the company is trying to deliver a differentiated, controlled, safe and effective radio power delivery experience through advanced machine system design and millimeter wave technology.

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