Blizzard Carnival 2019: Diablo 4 designer in-depth explanation of the game system

The foreign anchor interviewed David Kim, the designer of “Diablo 4” during the carnival audition, where Kim gave a deep explanation of the game’s system. In addition, Kim also revealed that the witch doctor career will not have, the design favor team play. Here’s how the interview was organized:


David Kim: The Diablo 4’s equipment drop is very different from the previous, you can get a more powerful version of the same piece of equipment as the level is raised during the game, the same way in the game’s big late stage, which means that from the game design point of view without increasing the drop rate of legendary equipment to ensure that the player gets the lift from the equipment. The equipment with the same equipment in different grades has a dynamic drop rate, which is adjusted with the near-further test, taking into account the degree of strong lift with the equipment.


David Kim: The character climbs out of the clip to show an example of a movie-style in-game animation from Diablo 4, with villages at the foot of the hill looking down at the foot of the mountain.


Q: Diablo 2 has characters independent and shared boxes, “Diablo 3” has shared boxes, “Diablo 4” box is what kind of?

David Kim: The box of Diablo 4 depends on the final iteration of the Diablo 4 trading system, and we want to avoid the trouble that requires the player to trade with the different characters under the account when acquiring the equipment, but all conclusions about the box will be left to our trading system.

Q: Is there any trade introduction on in-game gold coins? Is there any other way we can play when we keep piling up gold coins later in the game?

David Kim: At the moment we focus on “personal digestion” in gold coins, and the “DB” mechanism of the Diablo 2 model is one way to mainly consume gold coins later in the game.


Q: Are the levels of monsters in the area fixed, or will they rise as the player’s level increases?

David Kim: At the moment we have a dynamic to raise the monster level as the player’s level goes up, because Diablo 4 is an open world, and this dynamic mechanism will ensure that players have the right intensity to face monsters together at the current level.


Q: Do you know the Last Epoch game? The skill level system is similar to the skills system of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, where you can upgrade each skill, and each skill tree can provide a variety of options.

David Kim: Yes, we also know about Lost Ark, which has a similar system, but the core is how many custom game choices the player has. Because we have a skill system and a talent system, we feel that we should play Diablo 4 more ways. And if we feel we need to add more play, we’ll consider more systems to be in Diablo 4.


Q: I find that you never define Diablo 4 with MMO, but someone will find that there are many MMO features in the game, so?

David Kim: Yes, there’s definitely an MMO attribute in the game, and at the end of the day, we want to absorb the best parts of Diablo 4 from different types of games to present the game’ qualities. So it’s important to distinguish between “Diablo 4” is MMO or not will be very difficult, because some of the properties of MMO presented in “Diablo 4” really COOOOOL, but like a large number of players crowded in a scene in a picture although very MMO but this is not dark, so we will not do so. Our approach is to take the essence of Diablo game as the background of game development, while trying to explore and try different types of games in different games whether the different play is suitable for embedding Diablo 4 development, if the appropriate to retain, not suitable to give up.

Q: Can I wash the jack slot? Is it at the cost of emptying the slot?

David Kim: Yes, but there will certainly be some change in the cost.

Q: At present we can wash talent in the trial game, the official game is free or there are other costs?

David Kim: The current design is free because the essence of the D-Series is legendary gear. Imagine, after the character level has improved and dropped a legendary outfit, and I’m silent in the thinking of whether i should spend G wash talent to try this legendary outfit or whether i’m directly on the interface to wash the talent straight on, I think the second kind of darker, so we chose the free wash talent system.

Q: I found that there are no secondary attributes on the test version of the equipment, so is the secondary attribute obsolete?

David Kim: We wanted the secondary properties of the equipment to be presented in an innovative way, and we didn’t remove it, and of course we didn’t have a reality in the trial version. How do you think the secondary attributes should be designed?


Q: Depending on the equipment special effects, in “Diablo 2” equipment sub-attributes determine the degree of equipment, and in “Diablo 3” almost only gold coin drop increase, gold coin drop increase only important in the early stages of the game, later for “Diablo 3” for gold coin drop is not important, so this property is actually quite chicken ribs for “Diablo 3” for the degree of extreme. Diablo 3 makes no difference if there are no secondary attributes.

David Kim: So wouldn’t it be great if you had some very COOOL extras built on these secondary attributes?

Q: True fragrance face.

Q: A lot of friends are very concerned about the holy ride, the assassin will return in “Diablo 4”, I know you can not tell me the internal situation, now you have released 3 careers, there are still 2 left, there will be D1 or “Diablo 2” traditional career return?

David Kim: The traditional career return makes sense, but now that the Diablo series is in its fourth generation, our design idea is to break some routine. So witch doctor sits not basically one of the last two careers, but I’m also very curious players who want to experience what career in the last 2 careers, whether i want to experience the old career before or want to experience the new version of the ship role. It’s also an important point in our release game, to hear more from the player to determine the future of production.

Q: We know that Diablo 4 does not have offline mode, although players are encouraged to team up for games, but not mandatory and must be teamed to experience game content. We know that teams are definitely more efficient to play, so is single player more challenging?

David Kim: First of all, in campaign mode you’ll be separated in one bit, and if you don’t invite other players into your bit, you’ll face these monsters alone. Once you’ve completed the campaign mode, these areas are unlocked as part of the open world. Second, the dungeon is like a private room, you can choose to swipe alone or invite friends to join you. Finally, we try to balance the expected rewards of singles and teams, of course we know that the complete balance is not realistic, from a design point of view we will prefer the team some, on the contrary, each person will prefer single brush.


Q: What are the penalties for death?

David Kim: Now we’re just the first to design death penalties, your body will drop gold coins when you die, and you’ll need to be resurrected from the save point and run back to find the body.


Q: Is there a role-limited outfit?

David Kim: Yes, for example, the Wizard uses a two-handed wand and a wand, and the barbarians can use most of the equipment.

Q: Diablo 2 PVP when your body will leave ears, so Diablo 4?

David Kim: We’re still working on the fall of PVP bodies.

Q: I found that my character is full of blood, so this is a dynamic effect, right?

David Kim: Yes, I believe there are two things about blood. The game is “realistic” and the barbarians’ (fight) effects are the best examples.


Q: Can players customize the UI? We know that we can customize the UI in WOW, but not in Diablo 3.

David Kim: It’s just the first release of the game, and we’re not sure how the game will change after that, and anything is possible. I’m sure the UI designer is watching the live stream now, and his team may be better able to answer your questions.

Q: Have you considered designing a potential RAID (copy) mode? I know there is an open world BOSS for the trial version, have you considered designing a super-large underground city model?

David Kim: We want to keep the Diablo series tradition in the development process, and it’s especially important that any scene challenge and the best drop reward single player in the game can do it alone. But just like we now have World BOSS, assuming we now have a world BOSS that raises several difficulty levels, you may have to find a fixed team to challenge. Of course we are all in discussion and want to hear feedback from the community.

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