Chicken Thief’s Tesla: Price After Subsidy

Tesla’s price has changed again. On January 3rd Tesla’s website showed that it had adjusted the starting price of the standard battery-life upgraded Model 3, which includes the basic ride-assistance feature, from 355,800 yuan to 299.05 million yuan. In addition to the car price, the official website also shows that this time Tesla also for some of the price of the optional parts to adjust, for example, the previous price of 9500 yuan of black car paint has been adjusted to free, the price of 18,900 yuan of Chinese red adjustment to 8000 yuan, The optional 19-inch sports wheels have also been reduced from 14,200 yuan to 6,000 yuan.

Chicken Thief's Tesla: Price After Subsidy

Such a price adjustment would certainly demonstrate Tesla’s competing ambitions for China’s electric car market, and we have to acknowledge Musk’s strength and the importance of the Chinese market to Tesla. It’s certainly a shock to other electric car brands in the Chinese market, but it’s going to be a lot more boring.

Is it a price tug-of-war, a digital game?

In May 2019, the Model 3 was officially priced at $328,000, with an optional base version of Assisted Driving worth $278,000. In October 2019, Tesla officially announced that the domestic Model 3 Standard Battery Extension is officially open for booking, with a standard base version of assisted driving, starting at RMB355,800.

Chicken Thief's Tesla: Price After Subsidy

Model 3, which seems to have increased in price, actually just did a math problem, we only need to add the initial price of 328,000 yuan plus the original optional, now as standard version of the basic auxiliary driving function of 278,000 yuan, the result is 3558 million yuan.

So do users really spend more money? No, is the Model 3 expensive? It’s expensive. As we know, starting prices are very important for new car sales, and although the actual number of users buying entry-level models is not the majority, the lower the starting price for the mass market, the more likely it is to attract consumption, so Tesla’s move is really confusing.

For the NIOES6 of the standard Tesla Model 3, the ES6 benchmark version of the 70kWh NEDC 420 km, currently available for 338,000, and the optional NioPilot for 39,000, regardless of body size, interior design and technology intelligence, the price is said. The Model 3, which starts at 328,000, originally had some price advantages, but the starting price of 355,800 yuan is inevitably a suspicion of giving ES6 “to send a head”.

Chicken Thief's Tesla: Price After Subsidy

It doesn’t matter, wait a minute, it’s not Tesla anyway.

According to the relevant data statistics, from February to October 2019, Tesla adjusted the price 9 times, including 2 times, the price increase 5 times, in disguise 2 times. Model 3 alone has pulled back and forth a few rounds so far, and according to the mathematical rules that Pythagorean once mentioned, Tesla won’t let 2020 go.

Chicken Thief's Tesla: Price After Subsidy

Sure enough, the 299050, which is framed in blue on the official website, is too tempting, but has anyone noticed the two small words below this number?

Chicken Thief's Tesla: Price After Subsidy

299.05 million yuan for the new car after the subsidy price, if no subsidy, the new car sold for 3238 million yuan. And the time for new car delivery, which Tesla marks the first quarter of 2020, isn’t ready for the show now. This means that at this time, the user must keep a close eye on the national new energy subsidy policy adjustment, once the subsidy is cancelled or then make adjustments, then the money saved now will have to be handed over.

Excluding the new energy subsidy portion, the Tesla Model 3 starts at 323,800 yuan, which still looks 4,200 yuan off from the initial 328,000 yuan. However, after the price reduction of the domestic Model 3 canceled the free gift and installation of home charging piles of services, users need to install, you have to pay an additional purchase, the cost is about 4000 yuan. So the last is to go around back to the starting point, and then add the basic version of the assisted driving function, as the user accompanied it back and forth compensation.

How long will tesla play this digital game?

Price adjustment is a means of responding to market changes, not a reason for consumer spending users

After Tesla announced another price adjustment, one of the old owners said: “Understand Tesla’s approach, you buy a dish in the morning and a price in the evening.” “

Who is this comfort to the old car owner?

Chicken Thief's Tesla: Price After Subsidy

Indeed, most of the products on the market, including Tesla, adjust prices according to market rules, and it’s not the first time Tesla has adjusted its prices because of inventory. But 4 yuan 1 catty of vegetables, sold to 10 yuan 3 catty is a price reduction, but 20 yuan 5 catty is not a price reduction. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to catch up with the subsidy, maybe you can buy 11 yuan and 3 pounds of vegetables…

Although Tesla held its first employee owner delivery ceremony at its Shanghai plant on December 30, 2019, 15 domestic Model 3s were delivered to employees by Wang Wei, General Manager of Tesla China, and Song Gang, Manufacturing Director of Tesla’s Shanghai Super factory. But that doesn’t mean the domestic Model 3 has already climbed its capacity, and the so-called price cut appears to be Tesla’s trick of discounting consumers while capacity is not yet guaranteed.

Will the domestic Model 3 adjust the price? Maybe yes, but at least it won’t be possible to make meaningful price cuts until the capacity climb is over.

Chicken Thief's Tesla: Price After Subsidy

According to Song Gang, head of manufacturing at Tesla’s Shanghai super plant, Tesla’s superplant currently produces 28 units per hour, has a 10-hour operating time of 10 hours a day and produces more than 1,000 units per week, and is expected to reach 3,000 units per week in the future. At the same time, he said, the current Shanghai super factory is using single-shift production, the future will be changed to double-shift production, when production will be doubled.

If the mathematical ability is general, it is better to wait until the domestic Model 3 capacity climb after the end of the wait and see the price, although that said, but Musk will not suddenly think about what other action, really no one can guess.

But this wave of price operation is another push tesla on the hot search, taking advantage of the heat, Tesla announced the domestic Model Y price, priced at 444,000 yuan. Don’t rush to discuss whether the price is high or low, Xing Xu one day Musk a shot of the brain feel that this number is unlucky for Chinese users, and adjust it?

Chicken Thief's Tesla: Price After Subsidy


I have to admit that Tesla is really wolf.” This time the Model 3 brought the price down to less than 300,000, and the wolf really came. His main purpose in doing so was to snap up market share quickly.

But the price adjustment is not Tesla’s, it seems a bit of a chicken thief.

With subsidies after the price of fooling people, this is already a lot of domestic new energy car companies play the rest. In addition, with Tesla’s delivery times not keeping up, most customers who place orders will struggle to catch up with the 2019 subsidy standard. That means the domestic Model 3 is now publishing a blank check unless Tesla implements a pricing policy after the subsidy is eliminated, seeking to subsidize consumers.

Price rise and fall is the law of the market, is also a marketing means, which itself is not justified, but several times to tease the Chinese consumer’s approach, is not worthy of praise, this is the chicken thief.

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