Tesla Model 3 in motion suffers skyfall hammer owner’s survival

On January 4, Tesla officials released a dashcam video showing a Tesla Modle 3 successfully surviving after being hit by an accidental flying hammer on the road. “A few days ago, a Tesla Model 3 had an accident in Canada when a hammer came down from the sky and flew straight into the windshield of the Model 3,” he said. The dashcam showed that the hammer flew off after the crash, leaving only a hole in the Model 3’s windshield, and there were no casualties in the accident. “

Video shows a hammer suddenly spinning from the left front lane of the Model 3 and hitting the windshield directly at the front of the centre, but the windshield successfully resists the sudden attack, protecting the occupants of the vehicle.

Of course, the accident does highlight the reliability of the Modle 3, but the windshield supplier should be more to praise. According to network data, Model 3 windshield supplier for Saint-Gobain, the company was founded in 1665 and that year built the Palace of Versailles glass gallery, headquartered in France, the main business covers abrasives, ceramic materials and fiberglass, entered China in 1995.

Tesla Model 3 in motion suffers skyfall hammer owner's survival

In addition, it is also reported that the domestic Model 3’s four small window glass suppliers will be replaced with Fuyao glass, front and rear windshields are still available for Saint-Gobain.

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