The Wizard: The TV version may be a masterpiece

Andrjez Sapkowski, the original author of the Wizard, said in an interview with Wired recently that he was surprised to see the trailer for the Wizard, saying, “If the whole content of the play is as good as the trailer, it will be a masterpiece.” ”


Andrjez Sapkowski, original author of “The Witcher”

He also revealed that Netflix paid him handsomely to work as a consultant during the scripting phase of the play. And he was surprised when he saw the pictures and trailers.


“Everyone came up and asked me what the Jelot image and story scene sits like when I wrote the novel compared to the play or game version, and in fact, I didn’t specifically visualize the characters and scenes. All I did was ‘stitch’ the countless words together until the whole page was filled. I can’t think of what they’re showing on the screen. “

The Netflix drama “The Witcher” will air on December 20, with Henry Cavill as The White Wolf’s Jelott, Anya Chalotra as Yenifa and Freya Allan as Healy.

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