AMD CES launch: Zen3 processor, ray-tracing graphics cards expected to show up

In a little more than a day, AMD’s launch at CES 2020 will begin, this time with the launch of a new generation of CPU and GPU products, the 7nm Ryzen APU, RX 5600 XT graphics card is almost nailed. But the latest revelations suggest AMD is too aggressive, and will announce the launch of Zen3 processor Q3, supporting the launch of the hardware ray-tracing RDNA2 graphics card Q2.

AMD’s CES presentation theme is still around the promotion of high-performance computing, so only 7nm Ryzen APU is not able to support the field, the latest explosion is perfectly in line with the definition of high-performance computing, as follows:

Ryzen 4000 processor, code name Renior, 7nm Zen2 architecture, desktop and notebook mobile version of APU, available in the first half of 2020.

· The Radeon 5600 XT graphics card, based on the Navi 12 core, is castrated on the Navi 10 core of the RX 5700 series, with 2304 stream processors (36 cells) and 192bit memory width, q1 will be available, mainly in competition with the GTX 1660 Ti/Super.

Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor, the world’s first 64-core 128-threaded desktop processor, Q1 will be available.

Ryzen Threadripper 3980X processor, 48 core 96 thread processor, Q2 Q2 market.

AMD CES launch: Zen3 processor, light-chasing graphics cards expected to show up

In addition to the four products above, AMD will officially announce (albeit on paper) the next generation of Zen3 processors and RDNA2 graphics cards.

· Zen3 Desktop Edition (True Ryzen 4000) processor to be available in Q3 q3 this year

The second generation 7nm GPU, RDNA2, supports hardware light chase, supports VRS variable rate rendering, and is said to be officially demonstrating light-chasing Demo at CES, Q2.

The latter two products are AMD this year’s big killer, CES will announce the approximate time to market, but will not specifically mention performance, specifications and other details, but that is enough, AMD at the 2019 CES show also did so, announced the mid-year and second half of the Zen2 processor and RDNA graphics card.

AMD CES launch: Zen3 processor, light-chasing graphics cards expected to show up

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