Shijian 20 satellite fixed-point geosynchronous orbit ,DFH V satellite platform first flight success

According to the Space Science and Technology Group, the Long March V rocket launched on December 27th carried the DFH 5 technical test communications satellite shijian 20 has been successfully fixed-point geosynchronous orbit, which also means that after the success of the Long March 5 rocket launch, the world’s heaviest communications satellite has also been successful.

The launch on December 27th is extremely important to China’s rocket and satellite business, and the Long March 5 is China’s most active launch vehicle with the highest take-off quality, the thickest core diameter and the strongest carrying capacity, with a 95% application of new technology and a 25-ton near-Earth orbit carrying capacity, the third largest in the world.

Shijian 20 satellite is a new technology test and verification satellite, is also China’s new generation of geosynchronous orbit large satellite public platform DFH V satellite platform, according to the design indicators, based on the DFH 5 platform satellite take-off weight of up to 8000-9000 kg, load capacity of up to 1500-1800 kg, The design life is up to 16 years, that is, 16 years of work in space.

According to Zhou Zhicheng, chief engineer of the five houses of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the general commander of the practice of the 20th satellite, and the commander-in-chief of the DFG 5 satellite public platform, “Shijian 20 satellite weighs 8 tons and is currently the world’s heaviest communications satellite, and is also the heaviest satellite developed by Our country, It is also the most advanced satellite in China. ”

In addition, the Shijian 20 satellite will complete the 5.5G Hz bandwidth Q/V band geo-terrestrial communication test for the first time, opening up a new field for the current geostationary orbit communications satellite frequency space. In addition, the satellite will carry out the first high-orbit coherent system laser communication test, relatively direct detection system, higher sensitivity, faster rate, more anti-jamming capacity, the maximum rate of 10Gbps, refreshing the geostationary orbit laser communication rate new indicators.

Practice the 20th satellite fixed-point geosynchronous orbit Oriental Red V satellite platform first flight success

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