AMD for highlight: 7nm orders double, analysts raise stock price expectations

AMD will become TSMC’s largest customer in the second half of 2020 as Apple’s next-generation mobile phone chips shift to the 5nm process, according to apple news. In the first half of 2020, TSMC’s 7nm wafer production capacity exceeded 110,000 pieces, with the top five customers being Apple, Huawei Heath (which has already started to sell), Qualcomm, AMD and MediaTek.

AMD’s current TSMC 7nm process includes Zen 2 processors, Navi 10 and Navi 14 GPU chips. In addition, the Upcoming Zen 3 Architecture CPU and RDNA 2 GPU, to be released in 2020, will also adopt TSMC’s N7 Plus process.

TSMC is expanding its production capacity to 140,000 units by the second half of 2020 as it expands production of the 7nm production line. Supply chain sources also said AMD’s 7nm orders would double in the second half of the year. With Apple’s A14 processor imported into the 5nm process, AMD overtook Heath and Qualcomm to become TSMC’s largest customer at 7nm.

AMD for highlight: 7nm orders double, analysts raise stock price expectations

AMD’s share price rose 150 percent in 2019, the best-performing stock in the U.S. S.S. And Standard and Poor’s 500 index, far outpacing rivals such as Intel and NVIDIA. AMD’s share price remained unstoppable in the early 2020s, hitting $49.1 on Thursday, surpassing the $47 peak seen in the U.S. stock market in June 2000 and a 20-year high. AMD’s market capitalisation has reached $54.68 billion, and Nomura and Rosenblatt analysts have released new positive reports.

David Wong, an analyst at Nomura, raised AMD’s target price to $58 from $40, reiterating its buy ingable rating, saying AMD will continue to roll out new products on 7nm and 7nm plus and continue to strengthen its competitive position in 2020.

Rosenblatt analyst Hans Mosesmann was more aggressive, raising AMD’s target price to $65, arguing that AMD’s performance could improve significantly in 2020 with key advantages that rivals in CPUs, GPUs and next-generation hosts cannot replicate.

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